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Element-Hz 4x4 Matrix Receiver for ELE9090


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If you're looking to extend HDMI from an ELE9090 Matrix Switcher over a long distance, than consider using our ELE9090RX HDMI over Category Receiver! Like a Media Extender or balun, this piece allows you to transmit 1080p 3D pictures over two CAT5e/6 cables up to 130ft! Not to mention, it offers IR Routing. Try it, you'll love it!

  • Each HDMI output of our ELE9090 sits alongside Two Optional Category Outputs which allow you to connect to our ELE9090RX Receivers. The built in 2-CAT output is great when you've got HD requirements that exceed the recommended HDMI Cable length (Which is 65ft). By combining the ELE9090 with the ELE9090RX units, you can transmit signals over two category cables at a distance of 130ft using Cat5e and 160ft using Cat6.The other great part about this matrix is that both of these HD outputs can be used in parallel, this allows for the use of either or both outputs for complete flexibility!
  • When using our ELE9090RX Category Receivers our ELE9090 matrix kicks into high gear and allows you to intelligently route IR to the correct source with integrated IR routing capability. The IR data that is sent from the optional Dual CAT HDMI extenders will only select the output for a particular source, which is perfect for installations with multiple sources that may use the same IR commands.
  • What is this Wart we speak of? A Wall Wart is an oversized power pack which can take up to two spaces within a power outlet and typically does not fit in a recessed outlet. Since our ELE9090RX requires power at the receiving end, our power cords come with an extra small power plug that makes installs with recessed outlets and flat panel televisions seem like a walk in the park!

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