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ALGcom FN DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 24-volt 15-amp - Grey


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Designed to protect the equipment against surges and faults, the ALGcom DC UPS features a 3-stage battery charger, is compact and easy to install and is ready to be rack mounted (19").


  • Designed to protect your equipment against surges and faults, ensuring excellent performance and preventing your equipment from potential problems in the field
  • The ALGcom DC UPS Line was created to meet 1U design standards. Taking up little space, with possibility of installation vertically and horizontally, the ALGcom DC UPS is performance and efficiency guaranteed.
  • Designed to work with lead acid batteries, the ALGcom Nobreak Sources features a 3-stage charger controlled by an intelligent algorithm that runs on the source microprocessor
  • Battery Charge Stage 1 - Bulk: Operates with constant current that can be programmed in 1A, 3A, 5A or 10A, allowing gradual and controlled charging of the batteries. When they reach full charge, the charger goes to the next stage.
  • Battery Charge Stage 2 - Absorption: At this stage, the charger applies a constant voltage in order to equalize the voltage of each cell of the battery. In this way, the effect of premature sulfating of the plates is minimized, promoting an increase in the battery charge capacity and, consequently, its lifespan. Once the equalization occurs, the charger switches to the next stage.
  • Battery Charge Stage 3 - Float: This is the final stage of the battery charging process, where a constant fluctuating voltage is applied in order to cancel the self-discharge effect, allowing the battery to remain in its best state of charge for a long period.
  • Nobreak Mode: Responsible for powering the devices in the event of a grid fail

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