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RF Elements 90-degree Asymmetrical Beam Antenna - White

RF ElementsNEHG3-CC-A90

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The 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC has a radiation pattern narrow in the azimuth and wide in the elevation plane, greatly improving the coverage planning options. Increased gain and zero side lobes make it suitable for rural deployments. The 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna exceeds the traditional patch array sector antenna thanks to high stability of gain and radiation pattern in the whole bandwidth of operation. Outstanding noise rejection and precision of radiation pattern favor the 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna for high-density AP clusters and dense co-location sites. The 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna has balanced Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns. Balanced H+V beams are very difficult to achieve for antennas with asymmetrical beam shape and this is the area where all competitive products on the market fail. Balanced H+V beams are a critical feature for stable link performance when switching channels.

  • The beam cross-section in bore sight is elliptical, wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation, for when an asymmetrical beam shape gives better coverage
  • The absence of side lobes enables excellent noise immunity of a network when using Asymmetrical Horn CC Antennas
  • The radiation pattern of the 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antennas is stable over the whole band width of operation
  • Balanced Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns, this is hard to achieve with an asymmetrical beam shape and is where other products on the market fail
  • The 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antenna has higher gain compared to symmetrical horn antennas with the same azimuth beam width
  • RF elements Horn CC Antennas enable extraordinary network scalability
  • The 90° Asymmetrical Horn CC Antennas features N-female connectors used with a wide range of radios
  • Asymmetrical Horn CC Antennas have solid aluminum body, built to last and resist any weather conditions

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